My mobile phone has been stolen, now what?

When your phone has been stolen or got lost it is not just a inconvenience, but the finder or thief of the device can also abuse the device. The thief can use your phone to make calls at your expense. but nowadays, mobile phones can do much more then just make calls. We use our smartphones for online banking, store personal information such as photos , emails , etc. Often our phone is also set up so that we automatically log in to certain accounts.

Follow the steps below to avoid abuse of your device

STEP 1: Block your simcard

To prevent the finder or thief to make calls at your expense we advise you to directly let your service provider block your SIM card. All costs that are made with the phone up till the point of the SIM block will be at your expense!

STEP 2: Report the theft

If your mobile phone has been stolen we advise you to report the theft to the police as soon as posible.

STAP 3: Add your phone to the MobiMy Database

Have you already added your phone to the MobiMy register? If not, we advise to do so. The MobiMy register is often used by people that are looking to buy a used phone. before the purchase the buyer can lookup the IMEI number of the device and check if the IMEI has a known status of stolen/lost. This way it

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