Register your device

Keep all your texts, photos, contacts and emails safe by signing your device up with MobiMY.
As a MobiMY member your phone will be blocked on all mobile networks when it is lost or stolen.

Almost half of all mobile phones are unprotected and have sensitive information on them,
register your device now to ensure no one will ever have access to your personal information

Report as lost

Report your device as lost, MobiMY will inform telecom providers to have your device blocked on all networks and helps you to get your device back!

If you report your device as lost, telecom providers will be told to block all mobile traffic to and from the device, it will be rendered useless to others! Even with another SIM card. When it is returned to you it will be unblocked and service will continue as if you never lost it.

Report as found

Report your device or another device as found. Inform all parties and start using your device again or have it delivered to its rightful owner. The found process is fast and simple, a lost device can be returned to its rightful owner within days.

Report as sold

You can sell your device whenever you want, just be sure you report it to MobiMY when sold so we can delete your IMEI registration. The new owner will then be able to register it on his/her name.

Selling your phone means the device will get another owner. Tell the new owner it is the smart thing to do to register the device on MobiMY.

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